Given the widespread adoption of remote work, millions of employees are joining virtual meetings from makeshift home office spaces or seizing the opportunity to travel while working remotely. But no matter where you work, the same thoughtful consideration should be put into your appearance and surroundings for remote meetings as for in-person, face-to-face meetings. Whether you’re working in your bedroom or at an RV park, your background should look polished and professional. While a significant level of effort may not be required for every virtual meeting, the right background can help you build credibility while conducting sales calls, presenting at virtual conferences, interacting with telehealth patients, and in other scenarios when you need to come across as your most professional self. Below are four tips on how to create the ideal remote office background for Zoom calls—one that best represents you and the experience you want meeting attendees to have with your brand.

4 Tips To Create A Professional Remote Office Background For Zoom

To avoid having your background take precedence over the meeting discussion, use these four tips as a guide for devising your Zoom background.

1. Stick with simple patterns.

If you set up your virtual meeting space in front of a bookshelf, attendees will likely be scoping out your reading list rather than paying attention to the agenda. And a stock photo background of a palm tree might feel serene to you, but can lead to others daydreaming about their next vacation. To minimize distractions and simulate a real office space, aim for a background that features earth tones and natural patterns like wood and brick. Office background for zoom that features natural patterns - Anyvoo

2. Strike the right balance with your branding.

A top question around office backgrounds for Zoom is whether to include your company branding. In today’s remote work environment, it’s important to maintain visual consistency across Zoom and other virtual meetings. A branded backdrop for video calls can achieve exactly that. When designing your backdrop, be subtle with your branding to make it feel like you’re part of an authentic office environment. More often than not, meeting attendees will know they’re on the call with someone from your company, so you don’t need to overdo it with a splash of multiple logos, as is common on an in-person event backdrop intended for photo opportunities. Instead, aim for simplicity, with a square logo over the left or right shoulder, or a single, wide logo across the middle of the backdrop.

3. Avoid virtual or green screen backgrounds.

Whether or not you choose to brand your Zoom office background, veer away from the “green screen” look or virtual backgrounds, which can pose a multitude of distractions. If you use a branded backdrop and Zoom is automatically set to mirror your screen, for example, you run the risk of having your logo come across as flipped to meeting attendees—not an ideal brand experience. And the green screen effect is rarely foolproof, often leading to floating heads and people disappearing into their backgrounds.

4. Use a professional backdrop.

Branded office background for zoom - AnyvooIn a commendable effort to avoid green screens and virtual backdrops, some people try to face their computer camera toward a blank wall, blur their background, or place a folding screen behind the desk chair to hide clutter. A more polished, convenient option is a professional Voodrop, a completely customizable, elegant webcam backdrop designed specifically for remote workers. This option demonstrates you’ve put careful thought into how you come across during virtual meetings, and (if branded) reinforces your company brand. With many companies adopting work from anywhere policies, Voodrops are designed to be easy to take care of, set up, store, and transport. An added benefit: They’re created to be just the right size to fill your webcam video, maximizing your workspace.

Always Look Professional On Video With Anyvoo

Whether you’re joining a video call from your corporate headquarters, a dedicated home office, a makeshift workspace at home, a hotel room, or literally ANYWHERE else, an Anyvoo collapsible backdrop can elevate your brand experience during virtual meetings. Our remote office backgrounds for Zoom were designed by remote workers for remote workers—they are lightweight, portable, low-maintenance, and set up and break down in minutes. Anyvoo is dedicated to making your brand shine with professional, custom-printed backdrops. Start configuring your Anyvoo backdrop today!