A remote presentation is your time to shine. With all eyes on you, you can impress your audience with your expertise. However, with endless Zoom webinars occurring every week, making your presentation stand out requires more than great insights and clean slides. We’ll provide the virtual presentation tips you need to fully engage an audience of up to 30 attendees.

8 Virtual Presentation Tips

Whether you’re presenting to customers, investors, or your team members, these virtual presentation tips will help you feel and look prepared to deliver a memorable talk.

1. Keep videos and audio on.

Keeping your audience engaged is difficult if you’re not seeing eye-to-eye—literally. A cameras-off, audio-off meeting lets your audience do anything during your virtual presentation, whether it’s scrolling through your phone or playing with their dog. Require your attendees to turn on their cameras and mics, which encourages them to pay attention and answer questions. (And, of course, keep your mic and camera on, too.)

2. Remove distractions from your screen.

Distractions don’t purely exist in your audience members’ rooms. Your attendees can get distracted by your screen and audio, too. Even well-curated office decor can capture your audience’s attention more than your presentation itself.

Use a collapsible backdrop to minimize background distractions and keep the focus on you. Then, mute your phone and close your door to keep your environment as quiet as possible.

3. Choose the right angles.

Making your remote presentation look extra good is all about the angles. Using an external webcam, place your camera slightly above eye level and rotated slightly downward. This reflects what people’s eyes are used to, giving your audience the most comfortable view.

Additionally, be sure to set your lighting source in front of you. However, avoid angling it directly at your face so you don’t appear washed-out.

4. Ask questions frequently.

There’s no better way to keep your virtual audience engaged than by getting them involved. Ask questions frequently—and direct them to specific people. Avoid undirected general audience questions, like those that start with “Does anyone…” or “What do you guys think about…”

If you want to limit chaos while engaging with multiple people at once, you can still implement this virtual presentation tip by asking for a show of hands or asking your audience to write their answers in the chat.

5. Keep your remote presentation short.

Have you ever sat through a virtual presentation you wished were longer? Odds are, the answer is no. While it’s common for presentations to run half an hour or longer, the average adult attention span for lectures is only 15-20 minutes. Keep your presentation as brief as possible to win over your audience.

6. Know your talking points.

When you know what you need to say, you’ll set yourself up for success. Prepare your main talking points ahead of your presentation, keeping your audience in mind as you do so. After all, you’d take a different approach when speaking to middle schoolers than you would with executives.

7. Prepare for the unexpected.

No matter how prepared you are for a virtual presentation, things can go wrong. To prevent some of the most common technical issues, like broken audio or video, always run through your presentation at least once before you go live. If it’s a mission-critical presentation, consider having a backup internet source, whether you’re tethering to your phone or getting a second internet line.

However, the most important rule of thumb is to not panic. By now, most people have experienced remote presentation issues and won’t think twice about them.

8. Dress professionally.

“Dress for success” always rings true. While you don’t need a suit and tie for every remote presentation, you should consider what your audience will wear and dress a notch above them. This virtual presentation tip will position you as the leader in the room, so their attention remains on you.

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