Meet the Voodrop

The double-sided, elegant professional webcam backdrop designed specifically for remote workers.

No more messing with green screens, green jaggies, and cheesy graphics.

The challenge of using a green screen and virtual backgrounds is that you’re always having to fiddle with things, and it’s never quite right.

With your Voodrop, you’ll look great on any video platform. Just set it up and forget about it.

(Of course, if you really love playing with a green screen, you can always add a green screen to the second side of your Voodrop.)

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Webcam Backdrop - The Voodrop
Setting up the VooDrop is easy.

So easy to set up, even your CEO can do it!

Slip the lightweight aluminum tubes together, give them a quick snug with our unique corner design, slip over the fabric and zip it up. Hang it on the mount. Done.

Watch the full length setup video, complete with lame jokes.

Carefree and wrinkle-free.

The feel of a Voodrop is a lot like your favorite yoga pants. 

You’ll get the same texture, stretch, durability, and luxury from your Voodrop fabric. Just don’t try to wear it, ok?

You have better things to worry about than taking care of your webcam backdrop fabric. We’ve made it easy. The fabric can be folded or scrunched up for storage, and once it’s installed, it’s beautiful and smooth.

Words fail us to describe the fabric, but, of course, we made a video about it anyway.


The perfect fit.

Engineered to be optimum size, and not an inch bigger, to maximize your work space.

Our webcam backdrops have full-screen coverage nearly five feet from many webcams allows you ample room to work.

Voodrop - Webcam Backdrop Dimensions
Hang Backdrop On Wall - Reversible

Sit with it.
Stand with it.
Stick it on the wall.

Your webcam backdrop comes with an adjustable stand to help you look good if you’re a sitter or a stander for your video calls.

If you really want to up the ante, you can mount your Voodrop on a wall with the simple mount. Since, every Voodrop has two sides, you could use one side for work and one side for home.

Customize one of our stock backdrop designs or create your own, unique design.

Your brand and your approach are a completely unique combination, so make sure that you’re communicating who you are on every video call. Our Voodrops are completely customizable webcam backdrops that reflect your personality, your business, and your brand. 

Get a mini tour of the Anyvoo webcam backdrop, with a fun surprise.
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Webcam backdrops customized uniquely for your brand
Ryan Emmert

This product is fantastic. Very professional on zoom calls. Plus the video you sent on making my product was nice personal touch. I’m impressed!

19 hours ago
Marc Hildebrand

This is the second time I've bought something from Anyvoo... To be honest if you sold anything else, I'd buy it too. lol. Seriously, the customer service is the best I've ever seen, the follow up is extremely helpful, and the product is second to none. Thank you for creating such an amazing customer experience. I'll be back.

5 days ago
Shawn Miller

Great product! The back-drop looks outstanding on Zoom calls. It really fools people into thinking that I remodeled my office. I will never use a virtual background again. Great service! Everyone I interacted with was super friendly and helpful. They even answered my questions while on vacation. I couldn't recommend them enough.

2 weeks ago
Bill Thompson

It was a pleasure working with such responsive and helpful team of professionals!

2 weeks ago
Mark Cira

5 out of 5 Stars! You guys rock. I can't believe how quickly you printed and sent our Anyvoo. Less than a And you sent updates at every step along the way. I'm am thoroughly impressed by your team. If more companies ran like Anyvoo, the world would be so much more efficient. Thanks for a great product!


3 weeks ago

Who’s behind Anyvoo?

Our family started Anyvoo because we love remote work. It’s been a huge part of our life for almost 10 years and it’s given us opportunities we would have never had.

Having worked remotely for so long, we realized that it’s really tough to look professional on video calls when you work from home.

After about a zillion attempts to fix the problem for our team, we created the Anyvoo webcam backdrop. Now we’re trying to help other remote workers revolutionize how they are seen on video calls.

When we started Anyvoo in December of 2019, we knew that remote work was the future, but, obviously, we had no idea that 2020 was going to be the crazy “let’s all work from home now!” year. So, we’ve rolled with it, and we’ve been able to get some other great team members to help us deliver. 


The Family at Anyvoo

But even today, when you call or email or chat, you’ll be talking to one of us in the Cummins family. And we’re excited to meet you.

We’re pumped for the chance to help you make remote work better for yourself or for your team.