Basik wanted a textured wall for their zoom backgrounds that would be interesting and colorful.

bright textured wall zoom background - Basik Insight


  • Bright, bold color.  Basik Insight’s founder wanted to include bright colors to use on this textured wall for Zoom. He wanted to create a look that would harken to their global scope. We worked with them to find stock photography and then tweaked things a bit in Photoshop to make it look perfect.
  • Contrasting logo. By coordinating the colors of the background on their Voodrop, Basik was able to highlight their logo.
  • Over-shoulder placement. By placing the logo over the speaker’s left shoulder, their branding is always visible and prominent.
  • Custom second side. By using complementary imagery for the second side, Basik is able to just flip their Voodrop around and get an interesting second look for videos.

How They Built It

  • Side 1 – Custom Design
  • Side 2 – Custom Design
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