Webcam Backdrop Kit | Elaborate Monochrome

From: $233.00

Batman would love this backdrop, but you don’t have to be a superhero to appreciate the black on dark gray details. It’s a marvel to see.

  • The Voodrop is reversible, so you can choose a second side and get double the versatility.
  • Kit comes with the Heavy Duty Voodrop Stand, standard frame, and fabric – everything you need to use it out of the box and look great.
Free Shipping on kits sent to U.S. addresses
Note: This product is a standard configuration. Side 1 is printed with the stock artwork shown. The only option available on this product is the choice of black or green for side 2. This Voodrop does not include the option to add a logo or custom artwork. Use our custom Webcam Backdrop Designer to create a Voodrop with your own artwork. With the designer, you can order a Voodrop that has either one or both sides fully customized with any combination of your own images and/or logos on each side (additional charges will apply).

Free Shipping on kits sent to U.S. adresses