HubSpot built their custom virtual conference background to make their global team meeting amazing.

Double Sided, Reversible Branded Video Conference Background - HubSpot

HubSpot placed an Anyvoo backdrop in the home offices of their executive team.

Faced with a sudden change in plans for their all-employee global meeting, HubSpot worked with Anyvoo to make sure their executive team presenters were professional and on-brand.

Kerry Sheehan - HubSpot

We recently had to pivot our in-person event to a virtual event, and wanted to have a consistent look and feel. Anyvoo came recommended for custom backdrops. The backdrops looked great during our virtual event. Thank you Lance and Anyvoo!”

Kerry Sheehan / Partner Event & Community Manager

Partner Marketing | HubSpot

HubSpot's Lobby Decor

HubSpot is pioneering the value of branded space for remote workers.

HubSpot’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts is beautiful and welcoming. Their leadership has been ahead of the trend in allowing their employees to work from home. By bringing in their branding from their main office, they are creating professional interaction opportunities for their team members who work remotely.


  • Custom logo treatment.  Helps create a feeling of a tangible wood wall with the logo mounted on it. Notice the beveled edges, metallic treatment, backlighting, and drop shadows.
  • Non-branded second side. By choosing a second side that wasn’t branded for HubSpot, they gave their executive team the ability to use their Anyvoo for non HubSpot virtual meetings as well. Plus it looks amazing in a home office, since you’re not looking at a green screen or some other piece of video equipment.
Logo Details - Webcam Backdrop - HubSpot

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