When it comes to the world of work, COVID-19 changed everything. For many of us, that’s a good thing. The pandemic’s shuttered offices and hastily-arranged home offices ushered us into a new form of conducting business—from home. Remote work, once a thing that only 6% of us did regularly, suddenly became the norm. And it quickly became clear that companies weren’t going back to work as it happened before. The greater flexibility afforded by remote work holds great appeal for employees. And the pandemic flashpoint also offers employers a real opportunity to make work work even more efficiently. So, how can company leadership understand and excel in the continuously evolving work world? Here are three current trends we believe provide significant insight into the future of remote work.

3 Trends That Will Impact The Future Of Remote Work

1. Employees want more control over their lives.

Whether they participate in the “great resignation” or the “great reshuffle,” employees in a post-pandemic world are unafraid of change. The massive shift to remote work two years ago has meant more time at home for many, and with this came a better understanding of what people want from work (and life). It’s clear that one thing workers value is flexibility, and company leadership needs to heed that desire. Not only allowing but encouraging remote work will help attract and retain top employees. The number of employees wanting the option to work from home demonstrates there is a high level of interest, making it more likely this scenario will become a permanent part of our future. If they hope to stay competitive, companies would do well to figure out a structure that allows for a hybrid, if not fully remote, schedule.

2. Employers are rethinking what success looks like.

As the ways we work evolve (imagine a meeting in the “the metaverse”!), so do the measures of success. The old markers of achievement—like working a certain set of hours in one location—won’t hold as much meaning in the future of remote work. Company leaders need to get specific about what success means to them, and how, exactly, each employee helps them get there. Spend some foundational time figuring out what results are required for each position in your company. Then, hire employees you can trust to get there without constant monitoring. This might mean giving people the freedom to work asynchronously (working when they want to rather than on a nine-to-five schedule). If you give someone autonomy over their schedule and location, then you can focus on results. Through clarity of measurement and goals, companies and individuals alike have a wonderful opportunity to get stronger.

3. Working from home is changing how we use our personal spaces.

When millions of people began working from home, it became clear that, for many of us, our spaces weren’t ideal for getting stuff done. From kids playing a bit too boisterously to the dog barking at every passerby, our home offices could get distracting. This new setup also revealed technical issues, relating to both connectivity and office equipment. As remote work becomes more mainstream, employers now need to consider how to address the needs of their remote workers in meaningful ways. To promote success, companies must start to invest in their employees’ spaces. Ergonomic chairs and desks, extra computer monitors, high-quality web cameras, and a professional backdrop for remote meetings are all items a company can provide to support exceptional work. The trend of working away from dedicated office buildings might seem a bit sudden, but it’s one that continues to be reinforced through building and home-buying trends (more home offices) and infrastructure (fiber internet). Essentially, society is cementing as part of our future what was once a temporary move. With a clearer understanding of how trends will affect the future of remote work, there’s no better time to prepare. Whatever your business, an Anyvoo customizable backdrop can help your employees project a professional image no matter where they’re working. Interested in learning more? Browse our collection of lightweight, collapsible backdrops, read our reviews, or contact us with questions.