A darling of modern action flicks and a mainstay in TV weather forecasting, the green screen seems like it could be the answer to messy video conferencing.

Despite the buzz around virtual backgrounds—Google returns millions of results for “virtual video conferencing backgrounds” and how to install them—they’ve fallen out of favor with some remote professionals because the slightest glitch could reveal the user’s true environment. To mask these hiccups, some professionals have taken to using a portable green screen. It’s a foldable, storable, home office-friendly backdrop.

But even the portable green screen poses some major obstacles to worry-free video conferencing. In this article, we discuss some of the major failings of green screens—and why the best backdrop is a real, physical one.

5 Things A Portable Green Screen Can’t Do

Green screens are solid green backdrops used for video production that can be digitally manipulated in post-production to become any image the filmmaker chooses. As a result, the actor can be transported to any setting—or so it seems to viewers.

Using a portable green screen for remote work video calls can (to some degree) help conceal untidy surroundings and showcase your familiarity with media tools.

Unfortunately, viewers can tell when a green screen is in use.

There’s a telltale sharpness to the video subject’s outline and a discrepancy in lighting between visual elements. LinkedIn Senior Marketing Manager Rachel Parnes even notes that some professionals are distracted by virtual environments. This leads us to our first of five green screen pitfalls.

1. It can’t create clean visuals.

In most cases, viewers can tell immediately that you’re using a digital background. This creates a confusing atmosphere, lending your backdrop an almost social media-like quality that doesn’t feel right for the professional world.

2. It can’t guarantee a smooth, uninterrupted meeting.

Worse than a messy home office is a computer that can’t handle the extra strain of digitally replacing your background. You don’t want to be a few minutes into a call when your fans heat up and your computer starts rebelling.

3. It can’t recognize different skin tones or accessories.

Green screen technology may have advanced, but it still doesn’t capture different skin tones effectively. And few programs can accurately render the space behind glasses, hats, and hairpieces, which means you may “disappear” if you make a wrong move.

4. It can’t enhance your professional image.

The downsides listed above are likely to plant some seeds of insecurity during those critical video conferencing moments. Little mishaps over time can distract you and hurt your conferencing persona.

5. It can’t convey authenticity.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, green screens don’t convey the authenticity that you need on video calls. When you’re not in the room with colleagues or clients, what you really need is something that levels the playing field emotionally. No green screen can offer you that honesty. Your audience can tell you’re projecting something unreal—even something as simple as your backdrop.

Why Physical Backdrops Beat Green Screens

An alternative to a green screen is a physical portable backdrop made for remote professionals to be filmed as they are. This kind of setup works in your space and sits directly behind you on calls, so you don’t have to rely on digital tricks to look good.

A printed backdrop, like the Voodrop, avoids all the failures of green screen technology

A printed backdrop, like the Voodrop, avoids all the failures of green screen technology while retaining every advantage:

  • You can cultivate a reputation for consistency and authenticity by using the same professional background in each call.
  • You can conceal your actual surroundings and prevent awkward privacy invasions.
  • When you know your background won’t blink or falter, you can host video communications with more confidence and calm.
  • You’ll present as more engaging knowing that the attention of others is on your contributions and not on your background.

Voodrop backdrops are customizable, easy to order, and easier to use. They’re also make at Anyvoo are also:

  • Quick to set upUse Voodrop backdrops nstead of portable green screen
  • Made of washable, no-wrinkle fabric
  • Portable and easily stored
  • Made with a telescoping stand for sitting or standing
  • Printed on both sides for visual options
  • Available with personalized, branded images

If you’ve already tried a portable green screen or a trade show backdrop for your video calls, you’re on your way to a more professional look—but a real backdrop is the final tool you need. Voodrops made by Anyvoo allow you all the flexibility of a portable green screen without the potential mishaps.

Try designing your own backdrop in just a few minutes!