Home Office Video Conference Backgrounds: 9 Anyvoo Examples

Home Office Video Conference Backgrounds: 9 Anyvoo Examples

You know the importance of looking professional and representing your brand on video calls, even if you’re sitting at home. This is where a video conference background can make a huge difference because it gives you the ability to control your presentation no matter where you are or what your home office actually looks like. 

But when it comes to choosing a background for video calls, it can be difficult to know what will appear best on camera and what you will look best sitting in front of. 

Anyvoo can help. We provide custom backdrops and a number of pre-designed options for home office video conference backgrounds to get you started. But if you’re wondering which is the right one for you—and how they will actually look on a video call—we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll explain Anyvoo’s background options and give a few tips on what actually looks good on camera. 

Anyvoo Home Office Video Conference Backgrounds 

Once you’ve decided you want to order an Anyvoo backdrop (congratulations—you’re going to look fantastic on video calls!), or if you just want to see what options are available, go to Anyvoo’s Configuration page. There, you’ll find the following Anyvoo pre-designed backgrounds.

Anyvoo backdrop builder

These designs look great as is, giving you a background that is interesting and seemingly realistic, while keeping the focus on you. They can also be printed with your logo to create a unique branded environment for your video conferences. 

#1. Old School Wood Plank

Old School Wood Plank is Anyvoo’s most popular backdrop and it’s not hard to see why. The natural tones of the wood are very warm and clean-looking. The design adds character to your video call background, without being distracting. 

Because it’s a darker color, Old School Wood Plank displays nicely on most webcams. When your background is a darker color, your webcam will adjust to brighten your face. The gain settings in a webcam just look for the brightest part of what’s in front of the camera and sets that as the benchmark. So, if you use a darker background with natural tones, you’ll appear clearly on camera and won’t look like you’re sitting in the shadows. 

A Note on Lighting…

Virtual backgrounds on green screen look awkward because the webcam doesn’t adjust the gain down for brighter images.  Anyvoo backdrops prevent this from happening: Since you’re sitting in the same environment as the backdrop, your lighting is evenly coordinated between you and the backdrop.

Old School Wood Plank works very well with any logo to create a professionally branded environment. To make your logo pop more, add a drop shadow or reverse out the color so it appears cleanly on the darker surface. 

Here’s an example from HubSpot that looks good with a centered logo:

HubSpot backdrop

#2. Rustic Wood Wall

If you like the wooden look but prefer a more distressed and vintage style, you’ll like the weathered look of Rustic Wood Wall. Uneven panels, nails, and gouges combine with earthy tones for a cool, slightly edgy effect. This look is ideal for a company or individual with a more personal and casual brand tone.

Believe it or not, this backdrop is a photo of a real wood wall I built in my office, which you can learn how to build yourself in this article. This backdrop looks incredibly realistic on a video call—people are always blown away to discover it’s a fabric background!

Rustic wall backdrop


#3. Downtown Loft Brick

Downtown Loft Brick is perfect if you want a modern, hip vibe. The background looks like a wall you might see in a trendy restaurant or tech startup in a remodeled, post-industrial building.

Downtown loft brick backdrop

In this example, the logo was made to look like it’s stenciled or painted right on the wall, which worked really well for Verge’s brand. The brown and black tones give the design some interest, and the occasionally painted white brick makes it pop.

#4. Bold Stacked Stone

If you don’t want to put a logo on your backdrop, Bold Stacked Stone is a great choice. This backdrop has a lot of shadows and color, resulting in a very textured, realistic-looking background. However, if you have a bold or complex logo you’d like to add to this backdrop, it may get lost in the details.

Bold stack stone backdrop

The details look pretty amazing on camera, though. Here’s what I shot on my home webcam:


#5. Chill Concrete Plaster

Chill Concrete Plaster is a good choice if you want a modern or aggressive look, or if you want a less realistic, virtual appearance. It has a nice gradient and a lot of texture in the vibrant colors, and will likely get some comments on a video call.

Chill concrete plaster backdrop

Here’s how it looks when I put it on my webcam in my own home office:


#6. JoJo Shiplap

If you want a brighter backdrop, these next few options are for you. But keep in mind that you want to avoid a solid white background on a webcam backdrop because the gain on your webcam will shift down and make you appear darker. To avoid this, our brighter backdrop options are not pure white.

Because JoJo Shiplap has some weathering, as well as some brown tones, it works really well as a “bright and light” background. You won’t get as much gain pop as from a darker background, but JoJo still makes you look good on camera.

JoJo shiplap backdrop

#7. Whitewashed Chevron

Whitewashed Chevron expresses a similar idea—the predominant look is white, but there’s a mix of tans, grays, and browns to create a warmer tone with some depth.

Since it contains a lot of subtle details, Whitewashed Chevron fades from notice after a while. This makes it a good choice if you want a backdrop that looks bright and clean, but isn’t a topic of conversation. 

It’s also a great choice for designers, career coaches, or any professional who provides more personal services. If you have a single-color logo that you don’t mind blending with the background a bit, the result is a very classy, design-conscious style. 

To see what we mean, here’s an example from Vanessa Simpkins:

Whitewashed chevron backdrop

Here’s what it looks like on my personal webcam:


#8. Painted White Brick

Painted White Brick is Anyvoo’s second most popular backdrop. Even though it’s called Painted White Brick, this backdrop is really more of a gray, with a lot of interesting detail to make it look 3D. This backdrop is ideal for someone who wants an understated background or prefers to highlight their logo and branding. 

The gradient is a little lighter at the top than the bottom, making it easy to insert a logo in the upper half of the background. With darker backgrounds, you need to reverse out the color of your logo, but both bright and dark-colored logos look great on Painted White Brick. If representing your original logo color is important to you, this is a good option.

Painted white brick backdrop

IMPACT has a logo made of moss in their office’s conference room, so we recreated that on their backdrop. Now their employees appear to be in their conference room on-site when they’re actually working from home!

Bonus Option: Uplighting

Uplighting is a popular effect created by shining light upward from fixtures on the floor. It’s a great way to improve the ambience at an event or in a video studio. 

With your Anyvoo backdrop, you can recreate uplighting, downlighting, highlighting, or any lighting effect you’d get in a video studio by printing it on the fabric—without having to fiddle around with actual lighting equipment. The effect is subtle, but it can be dramatic depending on your room’s actual lighting.

You don’t need to remodel to have a home office video conference background that looks great. With the above designs, your surroundings will always appear professional and attractive, no matter where you are. Take a look at our configuration page to learn more about our backdrops and choose the ones that best suit you!

Nectafy backdrop