After being thrown into a work-from-home situation in 2020, many of us cobbled together a workstation that didn’t quite measure up to the office furnishings to which we had become accustomed. Our lack of a well-appointed workspace may have been obvious on Zoom calls, but we were all in the same boat (or global pandemic). Clients and coworkers gladly forgave the kitchen chair, card table, and window curtain on video calls. Things have changed, thank goodness, and some of us are headed back to the office. But if you plan to continue to work and make calls from home—permanently or occasionally—it’s time to upgrade that backdrop curtain that may have come through in the clutch, but is now detracting from your professional image. Keep reading to find out why that’s the case—and how you can solve the video backdrop problem for good.

Struggling to find the perfect background for work video calls? One of these designs might be just the right fit for the image you want to project.

Thinking about keeping those backdrop curtains? Think again.

Finding a reasonably priced, great looking background for video calls is tough. Curtains look like . . . curtains. If you’re sitting with your back to a window, the light from behind can create a strange halo around you. While it’s better than the disconcerting floating head and body effect of a green screen, it’s still not your best option. (Green screens have unique problems of their own, which you can read about here.) You could invest in theater curtains. They are high-quality and durable, but expensive. Theater curtains are also heavy, which poses problems for people who are renting. The last (and biggest) problem with curtains—and many other types of video backgrounds—is that they send the wrong message: “I tried. But not that hard.” If you really want to present a professional image, you need a long-term solution.

Meet the Anyvoo Voodrop.

Many video backdrop alternatives—weird-looking green screens, expensive theater curtains, high-end trade show display backdrops—are complicated, impractical, expensive, or just don’t look good. (Trust us, the designers at Anyvoo have tried nearly every backdrop solution in existence for video calls.) The Voodrop was designed to meet the unique needs of remote workers and anyone else who needs a professional-looking backdrop for video calls. Anyvoo Backdrop What is an Anyvoo Voodrop? It’s an easy-to-use, collapsible backdrop designed specifically for video calls. It consists of whatever pattern you like—even your company logo—printed on tension fabric that stretches over a sturdy aluminum frame. It’s just the right size to fill your webcam video without taking up too much space in your home office. Voodrops provide an interesting and seemingly realistic background, but keep the focus on you. The Voodrop’s flat surface doesn’t reflect light, so you look great on calls. The telescoping pole lets you raise or lower the backdrop to accommodate your desk height, even if you change your mind multiple times each day about whether you prefer to sit or stand. For those of us with a small office space, Voodrop’s wall mount option doesn’t take up valuable floor space. Every Voodrop comes with two sides, so if your home office doubles as a living room or bedroom, you can turn your Voodrop around when the workday is done. Anyvoo Backdrop curtains Anyvoo provides custom backdrops and a number of pre-designed options for home office video conference backgrounds. They’re also easy to set up, and easy to move. Ready to upgrade your backdrop? Start shopping for your favorite Voodrop design here.