Voodrop Travel Frame


Our Travel Frame makes it easy to take your Voodrop on the road or on a plane to wherever you plan on working. It’s super simple to setup, take down, and pack into your luggage.

  • The frame and a travel stand together weigh about 6 pounds
  • Packs as small as 24″ x 4″ x 5″ with a travel stand
  • No tools required ever
  • Assembles to 67″ x 51″ just like our standard quick frame
  • This product is ONLY the Travel Frame. It does not include fabric or the travel stand. Travel stand and fabric shown only for reference.

TRAVEL KIT: If you would like to have a Voodrop kit in a form factor small enough for travel on an airplane, order from the fabric-only page and then include a travel stand and stand mount along with this travel frame. Use the coupon code TravelCombo20.

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