Akamai’s Logo Black Webcam Backdrop



  • Custom Design Background. Akamai chose to use our double sided Custom Design feature to give their background a more solid feel, having the front and back echo each other in their base patterns, giving a sense of continuity.
  • Contrast. Akamai’s background design hits all the marks for what makes a design great, and one of those is contrast, which they achieve with there dark code laced base and bright logo in the top corner the balance is perfect.
  • Interest. You are going to be seeing a lot of your background, as will everyone you meet with, so you want to have something interesting behind you, and Akamai has nailed it. Using bold colors, as well as unique imagery associated with their field and their brand they keep interest high.

How They Built It

  • Side 1 – Custom Design
  • Side 2 – Custom Design 
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