The Anyvoo Company Concierge Plan

Since we started Anyvoo to help make remote work better for both team members and companies, we’re eager to make it easy for you.


  • Get discounted pricing. The more you order, the better the price, up to 15% off.
  • Maintain company branding standards. We’ll partner with your design team to create your branded VooDrop that will look fantastic both on video calls and in person. We will even do Pantone color matching so you don’t have to sweat corporate style guide compliance.
  • Put your remote office outfitting on autopilot. We’ll handle outfitting your current team and each new hire with a branded VooDrop, so they’ll feel welcome, without you needing to do a thing.
    • We will coordinate with your HR process.
      • We will import your shipping address spreadsheets.
      • Or, if you’d like to have your employees order for themselves, we will create a special, custom page just for your company to facilitate the process.
      • When you hire a new team member, either your HR personnel or the new team member themselves can log in and simply add the new shipping address to receive their branded VooDrop.
  • We’ll make you look good, making them look good.
    • We’ll communicate all of the benefits you’re providing them with their new VooDrop, so they’ll be able to see how much you care about their success and work environment.
      • We’ll help them feel welcome by sending a personalized email, including a pre-recorded video greeting from you and a brief explanation from us about how the VooDrop will help them professionally.
      • We’ll provide the support they need to get their VooDrop setup and optimized to look as good as they can on video calls.

How to get started.

  • Determine how many current team members you want to outfit with a branded VooDrop.
  • Approximate how many new team members you plan to hire this year.
    • For instance, you have 30 team members. You’re growing quickly, and you’re going to hire 10 more team members this year. You can get a quantity discount by paying for all 40 VooDrops. We’ll ship to your 30 existing team members, and as you hire, we’ll ship to each new team member.
    • Pay once for the year to receive higher discounts.
    • Any VooDrops you don’t use will be rolled forward, or sent to you at your request.
    • If you need more VooDrops, you can order more at the current retail price.

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