Thanks For The Opportunity

I can hardly believe it’s been four years since I first started tinkering with building a simple backdrop that would help remote workers look great on video.

I didn’t know the first thing about commercial sewing, aluminum alloy extrusion, plastic injection molding, dye sublimation printing, importing/exporting, or direct to consumer manufacturing. I had no idea of the complex world I was entering.

I’m glad I didn’t really know what I didn’t know when we moved into our shop in December of 2019, because it’s been almost three amazing years of working beside my kids, providing a great work environment for all of our team members, and serving thousands of customers just like you! I’ve learned and grown more than I could have imagined.

Only time will give me a clearer perspective on these three years, but already, I’m so grateful for the experiences we’ve had.

Why We’re Closing

Our company reached a high-water mark in January of 2021, when we enjoyed some crazy months of growth mainly due to a large percentage of the professional world working from home because of Covid.

While the pandemic provided an influx of new business, it also fundamentally redefined what was acceptable and appropriate for professionals on remote video calls. I still believe that presenting yourself professionally gives you a decided edge on every video call. That’s a cause I’ve been proud to advance.

Since the early months of 2021, we’ve seen a steady decline in sales. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen a significant increase in our costs, which prevents us from lowering prices to increase demand while remaining profitable.

I’ve wrestled with this decision for many months, trying to solve the profitability conundrum, but I’ve decided that we’ve done our part in moving remote work forward, and now it’s time to close our doors.

Although I am dealing with personal feelings of failure and loss, my overwhelming emotion is one of gratitude. It’s been a wild and exciting ride.

Anyvoo will celebrate its last day in business on Thursday, August 25, and we’ll turn off the ability to order any additional products from our website at midnight (ET), August 18.

We need to liquidate all of the materials that we use to build our Voodrops, so we’re marking down everything on the website until we run out of goods.

(Just a side note: if you are interested in buying out all of Anyvoo’s assets at cost, including all inventory, materials, and production equipment, for relocation, please just reply to this email, and we’ll talk.)

If you were thinking about rolling out Voodrops to your team, this is a fantastic last chance.