A VooDrop® helps you look professional on every web call no matter where you work.


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Totally custom. Totally you.

Browse our inspiration designs and we’ll add your logo, upload your own custom design, or hire our designers to create the perfect customized webcam backdrop.

How other companies have branded their VooDrops
Setting up the VooDrop is easy.

Easy to set up.

Slip the lightweight tubes together, give them a quick snug, slip over the fabric and zip it up. Hang it on the mount. Done.

Watch the full length setup video, complete with lame jokes.

Carefree and wrinkle-free.

You have better things to worry about than taking care of your VooDrop. We’ve made it easy. The fabric can be folded or scrunched up for storage, and once it’s installed, it’s beautiful and smooth.

The perfect fit.

Engineered to be optimum size, and not an inch bigger, to maximize your work space. Full-screen coverage nearly five feet from many webcams allows you ample room to work.

Sit with it.
Stand with it.
Stick it on the wall.

Your VooDrop comes with an adjustable stand to help you look good if you’re a sitter or a stander for your video calls. Or, if you really want to up the ante, you can mount your VooDrop on a wall with the simple mount. 

We may be just a touch crazy, but it’s a good crazy.

Our family started Anyvoo because we love remote work. Having created a completely remote growth content agency, we realized that it’s really tough to look professional on video calls when you work from home.

After about a zillion attempts to fix the problem for our team, we created the VooDrop. Now we’re trying to help other remote workers revolutionize how they are seen on video calls.

My crazy family